BD Sensors s.r.o.

BD Sensors is the universal supplier of a huge range of products
Since 1993, BD Sensors have been developing and producing customized industrial pressure transmittes
for ranges from 0.1 mbar up to 6000 bar:
pressure transmitters* electronic pressure switches* hydrostatic level probes.
UTG Baltik OÜ is the official representative of BD Sensors in Estonia.

JSP s.r.o.

JSP is a reliable Czech supplier and manufacturer in the area of measurement and control technologies.
The company is working since 1993
JSP s.r.o. produces temperature, pressure, flow sensors, programmable two-wire transmitters,power supplies,
isolators, HART communicators, as well as valve blocks
and communication software.
UTG Baltik OÜ is the official representative of JSP Industrial Controls in Estonia.

REGADA s.r.o.

The company was founded in 1998
REGADA s.r.o. is production of electric actuators with industrial , solenoid valves,
pneumatic elements and gas pressure regulators.
UTG Baltik OÜ is the official representative of REGADA in Estonia.

SENSIT s.r.o.

The company was founded in 1991
SENSIT, s.r.o., is the manufacture of temperature sensors in various industries. ,
humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, level sensors and flow sensors.
Since 2015, company has been presenting also the inductive sensors and the optical level sensors .
UTG Baltik OÜ is the official representative of SENSIT in Estonia.


Swissfluid AG in Lenzburg, Switzerland was founded in 2002.
Swissfluid have focussed competence of the development, production and worldwide marketing
of lined valves and sampling systems for the most severe corrosive or abrasive applications..
UTG Baltik OÜ is the official representative of Swissfluid in Estonia.

MAPOL s.r.o.

MAPOL company was founded in 1994.
Company is specialised for supplies of industrial valves of quater - turn action valves ,
i.e. ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves and automation of these types of valves


PREMATLAK developes, produces, sells and provides service of wide assortment of pressure gauges,
mechanical and electronic temperature gauges, including accessories and spare parts.

REMART s.r.o.

REMART mainly offers industrial pressure gauges and temperature sensors
for a wide range of applications in various industries and energy sectors.